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  • 160100 laser cutting machine

    【Name】:160100 laser cutting machine

Main Features
◆ Excelent exterior design
◆ Ultra-intense steel plate and industrial-grade guarantee the lifespan 
    of machine working
◆ Hole though of the two sides,no limit for the material to cut or engrave
◆ Exquisite workmanship,unique design,with air draft in above and below  
◆ Red light position systerm help to locate more accurately
◆ Detachable machine body,it is easy to enter some small entrance
◆ Detachable two sides,it is easy to adjust light and maintain


Parameter configuration

Model                ETL-E160100


Item          Configuration parameter                  Item          Configuration parameter        

1       Laser type        Sealed-off C02 laser         12     Processing speed     01200mm/s

2       Laser power     100W      13     Working temperature      0-40

3       Processing rangeL×W    1600mm×1000mm  14     Resolution        0.025mm(1200dpi)

4       Energy control range       1100% controlled by software     15     CCD lens  RNO   optional 1.3 million pixels

5       Power supply   AC220V±10% 50HZ        16     Supported file format       BMPJPEGGIFTIFPCXPLTAITGADXP etc.

6       Total power      1500W 17     Drive motor     "       Japan stepping motor

       Japan servo motor"

7       Cutting thickness     0.2-20mm(depends on material)     18     Transmission Model         "       High accuracy belt drive

       Imported Ball screw or rack"

8       Minimum line width         0.1mm 19     Auxiliary Device     Suction fan and exhaust fan

9       Wavelength     10.6um    20     Chilling method        Water chiller

10     Minimum engraved letter        1mm×1mm      21     Machine size   2180×1540×1070mm

11     Reposition accuracy at X/Y aixs       +0.05mm 22     Machine N.W   350Kg


Price Term&Warranty                                          


MOQ: 1 Set                                      

Delivery Time: 3-5 working days                                     

Payment terms: 30% advanced by T/T,the balanced before shipping                                              

Validity of quote is within in 15 days                                        

Warranty: 12 months,with a full range of technical support                                           

Standard Accessories: water chiler,1pcs air pump,Suction fan and exhaust pipe,,1Set software CD,1 sest of tools and 1pcs User manual.  

Customer Value

Main Application Industry
"1. Advertising Industry: Acrylic, Organic glass, Double-color board Laser Engraving and Cutting, Plaque Laser Engraving and
"2. Arts and Crafts industry:Crystal Engraving, Bamboo Laser Engraving, Wood board Laser Engraving, Blackwood/Rosewood Laser
"     Double-color board Laser Engraving, Chessboard Laser Engraving, Marble stone Laser
Engraving etc."
"3. Leather and Garment industry:
Any kind of Genuine Leather, Cloths, Garment pattern Engraving, Leather Cutting and Pattern
"4. Stone (gravestone) industry:
Engrave Picture, Image or Letters on Marble, Granite etc."

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