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Constant laser path structure. Big torque accurate motor drive, industrial precise synchronous belts and Taiwan linear guide transmission; Standard industrial numerical controller, based on Win system, USD connector; Support photo output directly, no complicated programming,  easy to learn and use! Speed 10000mm/min, precision ±0.1mm


Parameter configuration

  • 【Performance Parameter】:
    Laser type:CO2/FIBER
    Laser wattage(optional):500-1000W ;
    Max speed:40m/min
    Max acc:0.8G
    Min line width:<0.1mm;
    X/Y aixs locate accuracy:±0.05mm/1000mm;
    X/Y aixs relocate accuracy:±0.05mm/1000mm
    Operating system:XP or higher version
    Control system:Control software:ETL® industrial software;
    Transmission method:Servo+Screw
    Power supply:380VAC/50Hz
    Max working wattage:16KW
    Max table bearing capacity:200kg
    Machine weight:3000KG
    Working temperature:0-40℃,humility≤80%,No dewfall
    Machine size(L*W*H):430*200*75
    Supported format :PLT,DXF,BMP,AI etc.
    Auxilary equipment:Water chiller,blower,blow protector etc.
    Extra device(optional):Pipe cutting device

  • 【Equipment Feature】:
  • constant laser path structure. Big torque accurate motor drive, industrial precise synchronous belts and Taiwan linear guide transmission; Standard industrial numerical controller, based on Win system, USD connector; Support photo output directly, no complicated programming, easy to learn and use! Speed 10000mm/min, precision ±0.1mm;

  • 1、Excellent cost performance; Selected superior steel, welding and processing by big CNC machine, make sure high precision and strong structure; 
  • 2、With ETL patent laser cutting head, meet multi-function cutting needs, guarantee excellent cutting outcome;
  • 3、Special design constant laser path, to make sure to overcome the problem caused from the distance between laser head to steel sheet changing;
  • 4、C2513 can equipped with customized laser gun, customized laser according to client choice.。
  • 5、ETL has taken each details into consideration; Each parts and controllers are easy to maintain;
  • 6、ETL-C2513C adopt the big torque accurate motor drive, industrial precise synchronous belts and Taiwan linear guide transmission; Standard industrial numerical controller;
  • Customer Value

    Main usage and applicable industry, suitable for cutting thin metal sheet and nonmetal sheet; SME industry processing factory, advertisement LED letters(metal sheet cutting), less 2mm thickness stainless steel and less 3mm thickness carbon steel(auxiliary gas CO2); die board(thickness less 18mm), metal plate factory, furniture, exhibition frame; laser electromechanical high quality integrated equipment.

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